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Sinclair Advantage Card
The latest addition to the Sinclair Card Deck, this new card has all the advantages of a debit card with none of the drawbacks. It is accepted at all Sinclair locations that accept PIN debit transactions. 5 cents discount per gallon on fuel.
Funds come directly from your checking account, just like a debit card.
No pre-authorization hold on your checking account.
No credit check for approval! 90%+ approval rate!

$10 Free Match Play when you sign up for a VIP Gold membership card

Play your first $10 game and we will match/ give you an additional $10 free game.

Complimentary fountain drinks and doughnuts.

Complimentary weekly express car wash for regular daily patronage for straight week play.

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Gas Savings Every Day

Get 20 cents off per gallon when you purchase a car wash of $9.99 or more and 5 cents off when you use cash to purchase gasoline. A total savings of 25 cents off per gallon.

Free cup of 8oz Freshly brewed coffee for every 10 gallons of fuel single purchased. 


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